About Dr Vinay Joshi – Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai

Dr Vinay Joshi is one of the Leading Joint Replacement and Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai.

Pioneer in Midvastus Knee Replacement and Transgluteal Hip Replacement Surgery – Dr Vinay Joshi

Dr Vinay Joshi Mumbai

Dr Vinay Joshi – Knee and Hip Joint Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai – India

Dr Vinay S Joshi

MS, DNB, FCPS, D’Orth., FRCS, FRCS (Orth)
Head of Joint Replacement Surgery, Kokolaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Dr Vinay Joshi is Practising at KDA Hospital currently, He is a (HOD) head of the department – Joint Replacement and Orthopaedics in KDAH where he has performed more than 3000 Joint Replacements in the last 9 years, which includes around 2500 TKRs, 500 THRs and around 100 Revision Surgeries. Dr Vinay Joshi has also actively involved in teaching DNB students in clinics and theatres.

From the last 25 years of his clinical practice, including10 years of training in the United Kingdom have enriched his knowledge and skills. Woking in the Corporate sector in Mumbai Dr Vinay Joshi has consolidated professional ethics and multidisciplinary approach.

As a Senior, Leading Arthroplasty surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Vinay Joshi has keenly interested to learn the latest evidence-based techniques and instrumentations which will benefit professionally and help to improve the patient’s surgical results.

Dr Vinay Joshi – Professional CV


Jul 2007          FRCS (Trauma & Orthopaedics), Dublin, Ireland

Dec 1999         FRCS, Dublin, Ireland

Aug 1998        Diplomate of National Board (DNB) in Orthopaedics, National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, India

Jan 1997         FCPS (Orthopaedics), Royal College of Physicians, Bombay, India

Dec 1996         Master of Surgery in Orthopaedics, Topiwala National Medical College, Bombay, India

Jan 1996         Diploma in Orthopaedics, Topiwala National Medical College, Bombay, India

 Mar 1993        MBBS, Topiwala National Medical College, Bombay, India


Sept. 2010 – Today               

Consultant Trauma and Arthroplasty Surgeon

 Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital

Currently, I am heading an Arthroplasty Dept. in KDAH where I have performed more than 2000 Joint Replacements in last 9 years, which includes around 1400 TKRs, 500 THRs and around 100 Revision Surgeries

I am using techniques like MIS  Surgeries and Computer Navigation whenever appropriately indicated.

I am also selectively using Attune TKR for which I have received adequate training from Dr. Mcdonald (Designer surgeon) London Antario Canada.

I am also performing substantial number of TKRs using Oxinium Verilast technique especially young and acive patients below the age of 55 years.

I am selectively doing unicompartmental ( partial )knee replacement for isolated Medial Compatment OA.

I am performing THR with  MIS technique and keen on doing ceramic hip replacements for young active patients.

I am also actively involved in teaching DNB students in clinics and theatres.


Experience in United Kingdom


Hospital Grade From To
Barnet &Chasefarm Hospital, London Specialty Trauma & Orthopaedics April2008 Sept.2010
Chasefarm Hospital, London Staff Grade Jun.2002 Mar.2008
CrossHouse Hosp. Kilmarnock, Glasgow Staff Grade Jun. 2001 Jun.2002
Morriston Hospital, Swansea, Wales SpR Trauma & Orthopaedics Jan. 2001


Aug. 1999

Jun. 2001



Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest SHO Aug. 2000 Jan.2001
East Glamorgan Hospital, Wales SHO Feb. 1998 Aug. 1999


Experience in Mumbai, India


Hospital Post From To
Topiwala NationalMedical College (TNMC), Mumbai Junior Lecturer/AMO Trauma & Orthopaedics Aug. 1996 Jan.1998
Topiwala NationalMedical College (TNMC), Mumbai Post-graduate trainee in Trauma & Orthopaedics Feb. 1992 Jul. 1996

I have always been committed to my continuing professional development and ensured I have undertaken numerous opportunities to progress my knowledge. Some of the activities that have contributed to my development include:

  • Completing online modules for the trust
  • Earning 34 CPD points for attending development courses, conferences and meetings in the last year
  • Regularly attending journal clubs and departmental meetings
  • Participating in five different Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) meetings during 2009
  • Attending an ATLS course and a Trauma Symposium in July this year
  • Attending resuscitation training and a BLS course at Chase Farm Hospital in March of this year, followed by paediatric BLS and ATLS courses

I am keen to continue with my activities throughout my career into the future, developing new interests where possible.


Nov. 2016      APAC and Journey 2 Masterclass  , 2 days , Singapore

Jan 2016       First Oxfert Summit for Oxinium knee users at Bangalore, 1 day

April 2015     Visiting surgeon programme polar stem R3 Reflection cup ,  3 days  Bresia , Italy.

April  2014    Legion Standard and Revision TKR Course , 3 days , professor Peter Ritschl , Italy

 Nov 2013  Global Insight : The future of hip and Knee, 2 days ,Copenhagen Denmark

Aug 2012       Asia Pacific Insall  Legacy Symposium , 2 days Hua Hin Thialand

Mar  2011      Masterclass in Revision Knee , 2 days, Leicester UK

Jul 2010         ATLS provider course’, 3 days, Coventry

Jul 2010         ZNN Trauma symposium’, 2 days, Prague, Czech Republic

Jun 2010       ‘International Hip Interactive Meeting’, 2 days, Zimmer, London

Mar 2010       ‘Child Protection Training’, 1 day, Chase Farm Hospital, London

Apr 2010        ‘Good Medical Practice’, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London

Feb 2010        ‘Induction Training of Patient ID’, 1 day, Chase Farm Hospital, London

Feb 2010        ‘Blood Transfusion, Incidence reporting and Prescribing’, 1 day, Chase Farm Hospital, London

Feb 2010        ‘Fire Protection, Communicating with children, Vulnerable adults’, 1 day, Chase Farm Hospital, London

Feb 2010        ‘Infection control clinical induction and update training’, 1 day, Chase Farm Hospital, London

Oct 2009         ‘Knee arthroplasty revision workshop’, 2 days, Paris, France

Sep 2009         ‘Basic shoulder Arthroscopy Course’, 2 days, Manchester

 Sep 2007         ‘Minimal Invasive Surgery – Total knee replacement’, 2 days, Tallinn, Estonia

Jan 2007         ‘Intensive Course in Basic Science for FRCS (Orth)’, Oswestry

 Jul 2006          ‘Minimal Invasive Surgery in hip and knee’, 2 days, London

Jun 2006        ‘Interactive Arthroplasty Symposium’, 2 days, London

May 2006       ‘Wellington Knee Meetings’, 1 day, London

Jun 2005        ‘Interactive Arthroplasty Symposium’, 1 day, London

Jun 2005        ‘Wellington Knee Meetings’, 2 days, London

Apr 2004        ‘International Knee Symposia’, 2 days, Bruges, Belgium

Feb 2004        ‘Ligament balancing in TKR course’, 2 days, St Louis, USA

Nov 2003        ‘International knee symposia’, 2 days, London

Oct 2003         ‘CR Highflex and LCCK Revision Knee Arthroplasty course’, 2 days, Southampton University Hospital

Jul 2003          ‘Intermediate Arthroscopy Course’, 1 day, Royal College of Surgeons, London

 Jan 2003         ‘Minimal Invasive Surgery in hip and knee’, 2 days, Paris, France

Jan 2003         ‘Revision hip arthroplasty course’, 2 days, Nottingham

Jul 2002          ‘Oxford Unicompartmental Knee course’, 2 days, Oxford University

May 2002       ‘Basic hip and knee arthroplasty course’, 2 days, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

Dec 2000         ‘Acute Life Support Course’, 2 days, Withybush General Hospital, Dyfed

Jul 2000          ‘Basic Arthroscopy course’, 1 day, Royal College of Surgeons, London

Apr 2000        ‘Management of open tibial fractures’, 1 day, Nottingham

Sep 1999         ‘FRCS Part 2Course, 5 days, Leeds Royal Infirmary, Leeds

May 1998       ‘ATLS Provider course’, 3 days, Bedford Hospital, Bedford

Feb 1998        ‘Ionizing Radiation Protection Course (POPUMET)’, 1 day, Park Hospital, Cardiff


Nov 1995 ‘Retrospective study of 25 cases of intra-articular calcaneal fractures treated with open reduction and internal fixation with reconstruction plate’

Topiwala National Medical College, Bombay, India

Role: Second co-author with Dr Shetty

Outcome: Research found that correctly treating intra articular calcaneal fractures with the proper selection of patients and type of fractures was a good method.

Jul 1995 ‘Management of fracture shaft tibia by closed intramedullary Nailing (study of 50 patients)’

Topiwala National Medical College, Bombay, India

Role:  Author

Outcome: Tibial nailing was found to be a simple reliable method which aims early rehabilitation particularly in patients of low socioeconomic class. This was presented as my dissertation topic as part of my MS Orth. Degree undertaken at Bombay University.


Eleftheriou K, Joshi V, Rossouw D. ‘Use of a partial humeral head resurfacing system for management of an osseous mechanical block to glenohumeral joint range of movement secondary to proximal humeral fracture malunion’, Published in International Jounal of Journal of ShoulderSurgeryVol.5 Jan – March 2011.

 Kadambande S, Joshi V. ‘A study of 25 cases of T-Y Intercondylar Fracture Humerus treated with Bipillar Plating’, Bombay Hospital Journal, 4:255-257, June 1996

Al-Nammari S, Joshi V, Mr. R.Bajekal. ‘Case report: Missed presentation of rare isolated trochlea fracture’, Submitted to Injury Journal



Review of 140 unnecessary referrals from peripheral Walk in centres to Barnet Fracture clinic over the period of 3 months’

Chase Farm and Barnet NHS Trust, London

Role: Joint Lead with Mr A Eleftheriou

Outcome: Ongoing – due for completion in two months

 Guidelines: Departmental


Apr 2009

‘Amount of blood loss using Ready Vac vs. Normal Drain post arthroplasty surgery’

Chase Farm and Barnet NHS Trust, London

Led by Dr M Yar

Role: Supervision and compilation of data

Outcome: The results from the audit indicated that patients with Ready Vac drain require fewer blood transfusion units compared to patients with normal drain

 Guidelines: Departmental


Sep 2004

‘Medium term results of profix total knee replacement’ (156 cases followed over 5 years)

Chase Farm Hospital

 Led by Mr H Ware

Role: Assessing and compiling patient data

Outcome: The results indicated good medium term results over 5 years although the average range of movement was from 0-100 degrees

Guidelines: Departmental


 Oct 1998

‘Mild head injury’

East Glamorgan General Hospital, Glamorgan

Your Role: Initiated audit and presented results

Outcome: The audit found that a separate rehabilitation ward at a peripheral rehabilitation hospital will reduce the occupancy of acute hospital beds at East Glamorgan General Hospital

 Guidelines: Departmental


Jun 2010       

‘Brachial Plexus Injuries’, presented in orthopaedic departmental meeting, Barnet Hospital, London


Feb 2010   

‘Spinal Cord Injury’, presented in orthopaedic departmental meeting, Barnet Hospital, London


Aug 2009  

‘Role of Tractions in Mordern Orthopaedics’, presented in orthopaedic departmental meeting, Barnet Hospital, London


Nov 2004 

‘Retrospective post operative results of 156 profix total knee replacements performed at Chase Farm Hospital’, presented to Chase Farm Hospital Audit Meeting, London


Nov 2000       

‘Unpleasant experiences in Cementless Biomet THR’, presented to audit meeting attendees, Withybush Hospital, Dyfed


Jun 2000    

‘Complications of compound tibial fractures’, presented to audit meeting attendees, journal club meeting, Morriston Hospital, Swansea


Oct 2000 

‘Results of early hind foot surgery in clubfoot patients and the effect of lateral transfer of Tibialis Anterior on relapse rate’, presented to South Wales Orthopaedic Meeting, Morriston Hospital, Swansea


1991                             Maharashtra medical council

 2009                            British Medical Association

2006 – 2007                Medical Defence union


I have significantly contributed to the organisational and planning aspects of the many multidisciplinary environments I have worked in throughout my career. I have held different positions of responsibility which have taught me the importance of team work and delegation.

To date my experience includes:

  • Supervision, training and management of junior doctors working in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Attending departmental and multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Organising staff rotas for middle grades, registrars and on-call consultants
  • Organising and coordinating teaching sessions
  • Liaising with other professionals, senior house officers, consultants, etc.
  • Served as captain of college volleyball and table tennis team, representing the college up to university level

I have taken the opportunity to teach extensively throughout my career and believe I am an effective and capable teacher. I enjoy teaching very much and plan to continue in future. A breakdown of my teaching experience is as follows:

EXPRESS ARTHROPLASTY SKILLS EDUCATION ( EASE ) – I  was facculy on this cadaveric teaching programme held  at M.S. Ramaiah advanced learning centre Bangalore 29/05/2016.

Barnet Hospital, London – I am running a structured training programme for senior house officers and taught them general orthopaedic topics such as plastering techniques, colles fracture and Cauda Equina Syndrome, as well as basic operative techniques.

Chase Farm Hospital, London – Routinely taught senior house officers and nursing staff in basic trauma management in the fracture clinic. I supervised and assisted senior house officers and nursing staff in basic trauma surgeries including DHS, hemiarthroplasties and arthroscopies in trauma theatre.

Morriston Hospital, Swansea – Taught undergraduate students from Swansea University.

Nair Hospital and T N Medical College, Mumbai, India – I attained two years certified experience of teaching undergraduate medical and nursing students. This included practical case examinations and presentations as well as theory. I held the post of Junior Lecturer and taught undergraduate students on the basic management of trauma and medical emergencies.


I am aware of the need for a healthy work-life balance and ensure I take adequate time to pursue leisure interest.

I am a sports fanatic and love playing table tennis and swimming. Moreover, I represented my medical college at Mumbai University in both table tennis and volleyball. I also enjoy spending time with my family and teaching table tennis to my son and his classmates at Ellenborough Table Tennis Club in Enfield.

Another hobby of mine is trekking and I have successfully completed the National Himalayan Trekking Expedition organised by Youth Hostel India.


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